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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Usain Bolt at the 2014 Commonwealth Games

Usain responds to a shout from someone in the crowd

Usain bumps fists with Clydesider Juliet Gold prior to 4x100m heat

Usain dances to the music prior to the 4x100m heat

Usain just after winning the 4x100m final in a Games record time

Usain strides past the waiting photographers

Usain strikes his famous lightening pose to the crowd after winning the race
I got real close up to Usain Bolt during the 4x100m heats on Friday 1st August at Hampden Park. I was the only accredited photographer positioned beside the last relay change point and so got some unique pics.

For the final I was positioned on the first bend after the finish line (along with dozens of photographers), but Usain strode past the waiting press and went straight for the crowd and did a lap of honour that took around 45mins before disappearing up the tunnel on the home straight.

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