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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Loch Calder Hilly 24 mile TT - Chris Gunn

My son Chris grabbed my spare camera and snapped away at the riders taking part in the Caithness CC racing weekend 24 mile Loch Calder Hilly time trial today (Sunday 29th). It was the fastest section of the race (at the Sheiling, Loch Calder) and the camera speed was at 1,000th of a second to freeze the action.

Caithness CC 24 Mile Loch Calder Hilly TT

The second race in Caithness Cycling Club's racing weekend was the Loch Calder Hilly 24 mile time trial, starting from Thurso to Westfield then down past Loch Calder and then to Glengolly (and round again). I snapped the riders as they sped down the Sheiling (beside Loch Calder), the fastest section of the race. I used the panning technique which is difficult to get right as the camera has to travel at the exact same speed as the rider in order to get the bike frame or a part of the rider, pin sharp in focus.

My son Chris also took some pics and got some head on shots with just the rider's face and arms in the pic. Caithness CC riders are in green shirts with yellow dots.

Caithness Cycling Club Racing Weekend - 25 mile TT

Caithness Cycling Club held its annual racing weekend on Sat and Sun and the above pics are from the start of the 25 mile Time Trial from Thurso to Watten and back (held on Saturday afternoon). The Caithness CC members are in green with yellow dots. I had to get down low to get a clear view of the riders faces.  Pics from Sunday's 24 mile hilly TT  to follow.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Wick vs Keith

No.3 Graham Lonie scores the first goal for Keith

Richard MacAdie hit the post with this effort

I caught the 2nd half of the Wick vs Keith match today and Wick were leading 2-0 at half time to goals by Richard MacAdie and Sam MacKay. The 2nd half was dominated by Keith and they scored 2 goals, with one being a dubious penalty. However, Wick had 2 clear chances to win the game, but never took them.

James Murray was a surprise centre forward for Wick. There was a crunching tackle near the end and Sam Mackay had to be carried off and a Keith player was stretchered off. However, Sam was up walking after the final whistle. Left back Ross Allan was man of the match.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

North Highland College - Cooking Showcase

The North Highland College hospitality students took to the stage during the annual Hair, Beauty & Hospitality showcase event in Thurso last night. 4 pairs of chefs demonstrated their cooking skills by preparing meals from throughout the decades, which was the theme for the event. Tutor Stephen Robertson-Carswell kept an eye on the proceedings.