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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Famous Glamour Photographer visits Thurso Camera Club

Famous fashion and glamour photographer Damian McGillicuddy, visited Thurso on Sat 25th May to give a talk and demonstration photoshoot to the members and guests of Thurso, Wick and Keiss Camera Clubs. It was a huge honour to have such a famous photographer in Caithness.

Damian had just arrived back from a photoshoot in Berlin, before travelling to Thurso via a photoshoot in Aberdeen. The visit was sponsored by Olympus and Damian was demonstrating what the latest Olympus digital camera (EP5) can do. This type of camera may make the DSLR cameras obsolete in the future.

Damian took pics of professional model Zoe in the Miller Academy Primary School's art/music room and the fantastically preserved Victorian classroom. These pics will be posted later this week.

Damian's website is:


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