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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Scottish Surfing Championships

Chris Noble

Ian Masson

Mark Cameron

Chris Noble

Mark Boyd

Mark Boyd

Chris Noble
Andrew "Hamper" MacLeod
James MacKay
Max Hook
Alex Sutherland
Mark Boyd
Mark Boyd
Shoana Blackadder
Chris Noble

Mark Boyd

The Scottish Surfing Championships were held today at Thurso East and Brims Ness. It was a 6am start at Thurso East (I made it for 6.30am) and the contest went on hold at 11.30am. It restarted at 5pm at Brims Ness with the semi-finals and final of the Open and the final of the seniors.

It got too dull for pics of the two finals, which took place at 6pm and 6.30pm.

Results of Open:

1st Chris Noble, Thurso
2nd Mark Cameron, Fraserburgh
3rd Mark Boyd, Thurso


1st Russell Cruickshank
2nd Lester Cruickshank
3rd Sam Christopherson

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