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Monday, 8 July 2013

World Wide Wrestling League in Wick

Nathan Reynolds gets the crowd on his side

"Baddy" Nathan Black arm locks Nathan Reynolds

The Bulgarian Baker is reluctant to give up his prized baguette!

The corner post is in for a battering

A broken nose and blood starts to pour everywhere

The Baker wins a very bloody battle

A mysterious character turns out to be the wrestler below

EG MacKie

The referee counts to three or was it two?

EG MacKie does a death defying leap 

Mike Musso challenges champion Allan Grogan

Mike Musso forces Allan Grogan into the ring

Grogan's "manager" Sara beats up Mike Musso


Musso shows his strength

Grogan holds Musso down for a count of 3 and wins
The World Wide Wrestling League visited Wick on Saturday afternoon and entertained over 150 fans in the Assembly Rooms. Half a dozen bouts were fought and there were some strange characters. The Bulgarian Baker (in white coat and mask) accidentally broke his opponents nose and won a very bloody affair.

Heavyweight Champion Allan Grogan was the bad guy, but he still beat everyone's favourite Mike Musso, with some help from his "manager" Sara, who bravely got stuck in and was even thrown over the ropes onto the floor by Musso for her troubles. Great stuff and the kids (and parents) loved it.

The website is: www.w3lwrestling.com

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